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Return – Product Replacement


The consumer can withdraw and exercise the right to a refund without justification, within a period of 14 days. You also have the right to return the products you bought and request their replacement


  1. a) in all cases in which, through proven fault of, wrong products or products of poor and defective quality were sold (error in receiving the order, in the invoicing, in the shipment, damaged during transport or with poor packaging) and
  2. b) in all cases in which there was a problem / actual defect in the product (operation or quality).


In any case and for all the above cases, the maximum return period for replacement may not be extended beyond fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of receipt. In addition, for all cases the product to be replaced-repaired must be accompanied by the original proof of purchase.


For all the above cases the products to be replaced-repaired must be in the condition received by the customer, complete and without damage and their packaging must be the one that normally accompanies the product and be in excellent condition, along with all documents which accompanied the product (eg DAT, Retail Receipt, Invoice). Before each return, it is recommended to consult with the Online store of and by phone at 2731024026.


In this case, only the direct cost of returning the products is borne by you.

In any case, return and replacement is possible under the following conditions:

– contact 2731024026 the same day or the next working day upon receipt with the Online Store

– the product has not been used

– the product is accompanied by all the necessary documents, proving the transaction (eg DAT, Retail Receipt, Invoice)


In case they are not returned within 14 days, then may not accept any return and replacement.


Διαδικασία Επιστροφής

Για την καλύτερη εξυπηρέτηση σας, προτείνετε να επικοινωνείτε πριν από κάθε επιστροφή τηλεφωνικά μαζί μας στο 2731024026, έτσι ώστε οι λεπτομέρειες της επιστροφής να κανονιστούν με τον καλύτερο δυνατόν τρόπο.

Διαδικασία επιστροφής: Συσκευάστε το προϊόν, σε ένα μεγαλύτερο κουτί ώστε να είναι προστατευμένο κατά την αποστολή. Προτείνουμε να χρησιμοποιήσετε το κουτί με το οποίο έγινε η αποστολή από εμάς. Στη συνέχεια αποστείλετε το δέμα, μέσω του πρακτορείου ταχυμεταφορών από το οποίο παραλάβατε την παραγγελία σας, υπόψη Τμήματος Επιστροφών.

Once we receive your parcel, we will launch its replacement (within 3 working days) or credit its value (within 10 working days).

In case the reason for return / change is due to our mistake or defective product, the return costs are borne by us, otherwise the return costs are borne by the customer.

We would like to point out that in case the product does not meet the above conditions, or the product arrives at us damaged, it will be returned to the sender at his expense.


For more information we are always at your disposal either by phone at 2731024026 or by e-mail at [email protected]

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